Support Plans

There you are, trying to get some work done, but there’s this problem that is driving you crazy. You really need some help with this in order to move forward. You don’t want to seem dumb, but you just haven’t the time for an hour or two of internet and help menu searching. Maybe it’s even so weird you wouldn’t know what to google.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert like Penny Lane on hand to answer your trickiest questions as they come up?

Now you can! Penny Lane now offers monthly support plans so you can get your questions answered fast and get on with your day.


  • $23/mo unlimited questions answered via forum format all questions answered within 48 business hours, Monthly live Q&A with Tips and Tricks and product demos.
  • 25% discount off all one on one training or coaching with Penny Lane
  • $100 off Job costing intensive program
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