You’re short on time, but you can’t afford NOT to learn QuickBooks!

It’s a dilemma.  You need critical information about your business’ finances — what you owe your vendors, what your customers owe you, what your monthly expenses are, etc.   QuickBooks is the number one recommended software for small businesses and a logical choice.  Do you need to learn QuickBooks?

Maybe you’ve tried to learn Quickbooks on your own – everybody says it’s easy to use, right? And now maybe you’re feeling frustrated by your lack of progress and the amount of time you’re spending trying to figure it out.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could sit down with you and walk you through the program step-by-step, without spending a fortune or taking up too much of your time?

With Penny Lane’s interactive tutorials – you can Learn QuickBooks Fast!

QuickBooks Now!is the most effective way to learn QuickBooksbecause it’s totally interactive. Through my interface, you’ll be performing tasks in QuickBooks while I explain the processes step-by-step.

Because I know you’re busy, I designed the program to help you Learn QuickBooks FAST! In many cases, it’s more than twice as fast as other methods, so you can learn QuickBooks in half the time.  With my tutorials, you watch, listen and use QuickBooks® all at once.  And you don’t even need to have the QuickBooks program installed on your computer.  It’s available both on-line, or on CD.