QuickBooks and Online Shopping Cart Integration

Today I want to share with you a new tool I discovered for QuickBooks and shopping cart integration. There are so many shopping carts out there these days and it’s pretty obvious that for most of them, QuickBooks integration is not their number one priority! Yet, if the QuickBooks integration stinks, your accounting system and your company’s operations can be crippled.

There is one shopping cart software that I am familiar with (of course there are new ones every day!) that has a great QuickBooks integration feature, and that is pdg http://www.pdgsoft.com, but pdg is not right for everyone. For all those “Other” shopping carts, I recommend ECC Webgility http://www.webgility.com .  They make a 3rd party program that allows very detailed integration with many different shopping carts including interspire, BigCommerce,  zen cart and many other with QuickBooks! Check out their current compatibility list here http://www.webgility.com/ecommerce-connector-compatibility.php

As an example, Interspire shopping cart offers EXTREMELY limited mapping, you can basically choose between bringing orders into QuickBooks as Invoices or Sales Receipts and that’s pretty much it. It also sets up new “jobs” in QuickBooks under the customer called “cart customer”. What a mess! The Webgility software allows extremely detailed mapping, including “if/then” scenarios, like IF the payment status on Interspire is “terms” bring it in as an invoice, and allows you to choose at which “status” (shipped, pending, unpaid, etc.) you want to import orders into QuickBooks. AND it’s really easy to set up!


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