Why are Penny Lane’s QuickBooks Now! Tutorials so effective?

For starters, I combined three of the most effective learning methods:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic

I call it See.Learn Do.

It’s a truly interactive approach that makes learning so much easier.

In my QuickBooks® training, you’ll see the QuickBooks Program in front of you on your screen. You’ll hear me tell you where to click and why. Then you’ll experience the results of what I tell you to do.

In most online or CD-based QuickBooks Training programs, you simply watch a demonstration of someone else using QuickBooks. It’s not very engaging – yawn- and to retain the information, you have to practice it yourself on your own QuickBooks Program AFTER watching it.

With my QuickBooks tutorials, you watch, listen and learn to use QuickBooks all at once. So you can learn QuickBooks in half the time. And you don’t even need to have the QuickBooks program installed on your computer.

QuickBooks® Level 1 training

I’ve set up my first QuickBooks® Level 1 training to work logically, and in sequence. So first, you’ll set up a company file. Then you’ll learn QuickBooks step by step as I walk you through each aspect of the program, starting with navigation and managing the lists all the way through reports. I’ll help you create customers, vendors and transactions, then tie them all together in reports.

Throughout the program, you’ll practice the different ways of entering data into QuickBooks® — using my interactive tutorial — and learn the tricks and shortcuts that are really hard to figure out on your own.

Tips & Tricks

Learn QuickBooks Tips and Tricks, as well as advanced features for FREE in my tips and tricks section. Be sure to Sign Up for my Quickbooks Now! Newsletter to be notified when new FREE QuickBooks Tutorials are added as well as be informed when more advanced tutorials are released.

If you need to learn QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012— and you want to learn it now — Penny Lane’s QuickBooks Now! is for you.

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