Job Costing and QuickBooks Online

Job Costing and QuickBooks Onlineshutterstock_150502709

At this time, QuickBooks Online does not support job-costing.  What I mean by that is that there are no job-costing reports, no progress invoicing capabilities, and no ability to job-cost payroll.

There are a couple of “work-arounds”, but they are cumbersome, and not adequate for most job-costing situations.  Here is an article with an example of a workaround:  There are 3rd party programs that you can use as a compliment to QBO- BillQuick is one, Corecon is another.  These are robust programs that may be more than what you are looking for.

Instead of QuickBooks Online, for most contractors, I recommend having the Premier Contractor Version hosted in the cloud.  This gives you the same cloud-based access that you get with QBO, but with the full features of the Contractors Version.  The cost is a bit higher, but it’s worth it!   I like a company called Right Networks (no affiliation).  My free one hour tutorial may help you decide if it’s worth the investment :  QuickBooks for Contractors Job Costing Video, you can also learn more about job costing in QuickBooks, as well as download my item list templates here: Contractors Resource Page

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