Amazing New Feature for Inventory in Enterprise 2011 – Multiple Location Inventory!

I was just getting ready to start seriously thinking about a 3rd party Inventory Management software system for one of my favorite clients.  The workaround we’ve been using to track their additional inventory situation in Quickbooks Enterprise is far from ideal, and it’s been driving us all to distraction.  I am practically jumping up and down over 2011’s new Multiple Location Inventory feature.

I’ve got issues with 3rd party software – one of them is cost.  It’s really expensive for a small business.  Most small businesses don’t have multiple locations and the 3rd party products are geared toward larger businesses who can afford a few thousand plus training and support plans.  I’m always concerned about the QuickBooks integration and what small business has time to learn a new software program? 

I can’t wait to implement this feature.  Unfortunately, there is a price tag – $699 to unlock this feature in Enterprise.  I wish there wasn’t an additional cost, but I have no doubt it will be well worth it for this client.  With this new feature, there are many more businesses that will be able to use QuickBooks Enterprise.  For anyone on the Full Service Support Plan, I’m told the 2011 update will ship September 27th.

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